Elizabeth Ministries

Elizabeth Ministries
Elizabeth Ministries

We are men and women of the parish who support members through life events related to childbirth.  Our Elizabeth Ministry Chapter focuses on walking with families who have suffered the loss of a miscarriage, families praying to conceive, and families waiting to adopt.

If you or a loved one is in need of prayers for the above life issues, please fill out the form below.  Your intentions will be added to a monthly prayer listing that is emailed to members of the Elizabeth Ministry.  If you would like to stay anonymous, please leave the “Name” section blank.

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More Information

For more information on miscarriage, the physical process, spiritual and emotional assistance, questions about a burial, common terms, etc.  We recommend you visit Catholic Miscarriage Support website

For community, resources, a podcast, and more related to infertility and loss visit the Springs in the Desert website.

For more information on Adoption, see the Catholic Charities Adoption Services in Wisconsin.

For more information on our Elizabeth Ministry at Saint Bernard and Christ King Parishes please click here to send an email to Kerri Chirdon.